A special thanks goes out to these individuals, without their hard work, generosity and commitment this would not have been possible, thank you!

John Rundle – for our wooden home

Kim Rundle- For all of the marketing and for the AMAZING artwork that keeps you smiling.

Ghorbany Carpets – donated our beautiful Persian Carpet. Thank you Shervin.

Hartmann and Keppler – our walnut counter. Thank you Reiner.

Janet Venables – for our beautiful interior colors and pink ostrich skin chairs

Elizabeth Cameron – Smith – for the incredible dinner set, candelabras, table cloths, silver ware, plates, tea sets, donations and love.

Auriel McJannet – for our ice machine, donations and love

Kim Hunt- for your donations and love.

Kathy Steele – for your donation and love

Coffee Quip and George Bertolis – for our incredible coffee and machine and grinder.

Lauren from WE DO THAT – for our beautiful shirts

Steve Scott – for our technical gifts and love

Jelena Mandic – for your service, marble top for coffee machine and your incredible kindness and connections.

Chelene Ross – for your service and love

Kristie from Kristie-Kim Pilates as she has put together all the systems in the shop, the logo and all the signage.

ST Umbrellas – Dean Gee gave us all our outside umbrellas

For all the other specials , you know who you are…Thank you thank you for getting us off the the ground.


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